• “Vertical Lifting HF press” PK “Pipelining cold press”
    Post time: Jun-21-2019

    Economic Cost Advantage Our machine upper press adopts vertical lifting and installs rack and pinion guide post mechanism , the flatness degree is higher than normal board jointing machine, greatly improved the timber outturn, which can save 0.3mm plane thickness , 5%-7% efficiency improved when...Read more »

  • How to maintenance woodworking band saw ?
    Post time: Jun-21-2019

    Woodworking band saw is kind of a high-speed operation, all parts cannot have problems, even if a little fault, which will directly affect the machine life, production power and working.   In order to ensure the normal operation and operation safety of the machine , it is necessary to strengthe...Read more »

  • Screw compressor or piston compressor ?
    Post time: Mar-22-2018

    Screw compressor or piston compressor ? Which is more efficient ?   Often, when it comes to choosing an air compressor for a service shop, there is a choice between types and sizes of compressors. Do you choose a standard piston compressor or do you go with a more modern lubricated screw?  ...Read more »

  • How to process sawmill to increase usage rate ?
    Post time: Nov-30-2017

    Sawing yield Posting of the log is a geometric method with the aim to get the maximum volume of sawn products from stock. The result, called sawing yield is greater for coarse than for thin logs. The decomposition speaks of the center yield and lateral yield depending on what part of the tribe th...Read more »

  • What focus on when selecting flooring ?
    Post time: Aug-29-2017

    What we should focus on when selecting flooring ? Selecting the right species The relative humidity of a normal domestic environment is likely to range between 35% and 65% over a yearly cycle, and wood floors will shrink and swell in response to these conditions. By selecting an appropriate spec...Read more »

  • Wood drying ways
    Post time: Jul-18-2017

    Why you need to dry wood for woodworking ? When wood is used as a construction material, whether as a structural support in a building or in woodworking objects, it will absorb or desorb moisture until it is in equilibrium with its surroundings. Equilibration (usually drying) causes unequal shrin...Read more »

  • You need to know about wood dust
    Post time: Jul-03-2017

    Safety risks Wood dust not only can cause serious health problems, but also for its  flammable and, in certain situations, can cause a fire or explosion. Every year, premises are severely damaged or destroyed by wood dust fires  that usually start in dust extraction equipment. Wood dust explosion...Read more »

  • 2017 LIGNA — Woodworking innovations
    Post time: Jun-19-2017

    HANNOVER, Germany – Against a backdrop of Industry 4.0, “LIGNA 2017 will go down as a milestone in the digitalization of the wood industry,” said Dr. Andreas Gruchow, managing board member of Deutsche Messe, organizer of the woodworking industry’s largest trade show in the world. Hel...Read more »

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