Something about Chinese wood moudings production Line

Mouldings and Corbels are kinds of ideal products for fine architectural housing industry millwork, beautiful models for their interior project, or exterior decorative , furniture components attending both residential and commercial uses :

wood moulding application


( crowns, beds, coves, casings, brick mould, chair rails, base mouldings, base caps, picture frames mouldings, floor line )

—Door jambs and components

(exterior door jambs, flat jambs, split jambs, door frames, stiles , rails, door cover line)

—Stair window and furniture component

(hand rails, risers, treads, baluster, posts, tringers, window extensions, rabbeted stools, window scantlings, flat stools)

—Trim boards and wall system ( fascia boards, T&G V-Joint and bead boards)

—Edge glued panels ( S4S, E4E, S3S)

—Finger jointed blanks ( FJL blanks, edge glued blanks, squares, beams, cutstocks, S4S, E4E,S2S lumber

 wood mouding samples

Nowadays, more and more factories are expanding their production line , especially for South America and South East Asia area, so how’s the production technology and process of wood mouldings ?

 A.     Primed MDF moulding process

primed MDF moulding process

 B.     Primed solid wood moulding production process

 primed solid wood moulding production process

 Let’s see what is good quality mouldings

wood moulding diagram

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Post time: Jan-15-2020