How to maintenance woodworking band saw ?

Woodworking band saw is kind of a high-speed operation, all parts cannot have problems, even if a little fault, which will directly affect the machine life, production power and working.

  In order to ensure the normal operation and operation safety of the machine , it is necessary to strengthen its protection.

  1. Cleaning the machine inside and outside regularly .

  2. Check the electrical switch and line are normal .

  3. Check whether the motor is running normally, there is no vibrationand noise.

  4. Check whether saw blade installation is in good condition, running smoothly, and have any cracks.

  5. Refueling once for the guide rail and screw rod every shift .

  6. the working site and machine lath should be cleaned frequently, keep clean and tidy, especially the resin and sawdust on saw blade and saw wheel .

  7. Add lubrication oil to the machine bearings, gear screw rod, runway and other friction parts

  8. when working, pay attention to the rolling bearings of the upper and down saw wheels, the temperature must not exceed 60 degrees .

       9. Check all the parts frequently. see if the two saw wheels are in a vertical plane with a wire, if there is, so to adjust the upper wheel is appropriate, when the distance is too large, can adjust the next wheel.  Working for sometimes ,there is some wear and tear of two saw wheels ,  so check need to check the lifting system if is not sensitive and secure;

 woodworking band saw

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Post time: Jun-21-2019