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Gdkeychain Machinery is located in Foshan city of China, who manufacturing woodworking machines and service both millwork operations all around the world , we make high quality and stable equipment according to our users’ needs,including the complete processing chain from raw material to end product, especially the whole production line of glued-laminated wood board,wood mouldings, furniture,flooring and all kinds of wooden material for decorating or building both in solid wood and panel . 

Anything your factory may need – wood saw, moulder/planer,high frequency wood press , finger joint , sander, hot/cold press,CNC router,dust collector, tools etc,we have the right one for you,and can assist you with fitting it the best way as possible into your existing line !


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높은 효율적인 전문 서비스, 교육 및 조언을
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Gdkeychain Machinery--A Full Range of Woodworking Solutions     

--Our users spread all over more than 55 countries and regions

--More than 120 models for different woodworking production lines

--Up to 92 countries allowed engineer overseas service.

--Provide visual on line QC program and Technical Support

--12-hour sales & support team on line consulting

우리의 주요 제품

Gesso Coat Moulding Line --- Extruder, Mixer, Sander,Painting Machine,Manipulator,Drying Oven

Planer--- Thicknesser, Double side planer, Four side planer
Press --- Hot press, Cold press, High frequency Press
CNC --- CNC Router, 3D CNC engraving, 5 axis CNC Router
Saw --- Log rip saw, Panel Rip saw, Band saw, Frame saw
Sander --- Wide belt sander, Planer sander, Mini sander
FJL --- Full-auto / Semi-auto finger joint line, finger joint shaper, finger joint press
Tools --- Dust Extractor, Water Spray Booth, Air Compressor, Carbide cutter, Boring bit


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Wood sawmills,Furniture Factories,Musical Instrument Factories,Timber buliding components manufactures, Distributors, Wholesalers

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고객의 우리의 네트워크는 캐나다 toIran 유럽, 한국, 러시아, 말레이시아, 태국, 베트남에서 뻗어
인도, 아르헨티나, 브라질, 칠레, 멕시코, 탄자니아, 나이지리아, 라이베리아 ....
지난 몇 년 동안 55 개 이상의 국가. 요즘, 우리의 시장의 대부분은 여전히 열려, 당신은 공장 또는 유통 업체에 상관없이, 우리는 당신이 우리가 더 나은 함께 당신의 시장을 구축 가입 환영합니다. 우리는 서로 우리의 장기 유익한 협력을 구축 할 것입니다 우리의 높은 품질의 제품과 전문적인 서비스를 신뢰합니다.

우리의 마케팅 네트워크

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Pre-sale Service
-- 12-hour sales on line consulting stand by
-- Customized and feasible solution design
-- Well-train sales answer you in fluent English

In-sale Service
-- Production line planning
-- Assured and high-efficient delivery time
--Inspection video and reports

After-sale Service
-- Engineers are available overseas for installation & testing
-- Emergency Call-out for 12-hour every day
-- Technical Manual, Troubleshooting
-- Installation Video
-- On-going Technical Support
-- Lifetime maintenance

So, for Innovative solutions, for a Greater satisfaction, for all your woodworking needs, KEYCHAIN MACHINERY is more than willing to co operate and help you develop your plans. Trust us,WE CAN and WILL DO IT WELL for you because WE CARE for OUR FUTURE.